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High Life Tailored

Brand identity, responsive ecommerce website design, and printed collateral for a unique men's tailoring company.

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    High Life Tailored
High Life Tailored encouraged customers to donate money to a Ghanian charity.

Bespoke tailoring. High Life Tailored offers traditional men’s tailoring, using long-established skills with a colourful twist.

Creating a playful yet serious brand. Our challenge was to capture the character and flamboyance of the Ghanian fabrics, without loosing a sense of craftsmanship and quality.

A made-to-measure online store. Ordering a tailored suit is traditionally complex and time-consuming, but we developed a sophisticated interactive ecommerce website that makes it effortless.

brand development

Designing a distinctive identity

After series of research and creative experimentation we developed a fashionable and distinctive brand identity. But an identity is more than just a logo: we designed a holistic visual language and personality that’s used site-wide, across packaging, and in promotional marketing.

Eclectic typography

Typography is often one of the first things we explore. After lots of exploration and development, we chose GT Haptik. It has great geometric shapes (so sits well with all the patterns) and a truly distinctive style. It’s warm, but strong and confident — just like the tailored suits on offer.

Eclectic typography
brand identity

Colour is a major part of the identity. A sophisticated and pared back dark grey forms the base of all the designs, but we also picked a more vivid palette from the Ghanian Kente fabrics being used by the tailors. Careful use of these brighter colours helps keep the identity fresh.

brand identity
information architecture

Simplifying the tailoring process

We developed an architecture that lets customers build their own suit, step by step. The user interface is clean but full of personality. Instead of having an overwhelming array of fields and options, we split the process into a series of logical steps, allowing them to focus single tasks within the context of the whole experience.

dealing with choice

A key part of the experience buying a suit from High Life Tailored is choice. We built custom galleries that let users browse, inspect, and choose from a growing range of fabrics.

dealing with choice
highlife-tailored_slideshow-01 © Tom D Morgan
telling a story

We developed narrative driven content across the website that lets users understand the heritage and context behind the collection. This adds value to the proposition, and creates an emotional connection between the user and the brand.

telling a story
highlife-tailored_slideshow-09 © Tom D Morgan
A linear journey

Guiding the user

Each stage of the ordering process gives users easy ways to customise their suit. From dynamic swatch picking, measurement inputs designed to avoid errors, to adding extras with natural upsells — everything has been planned and implanted with precision.

sophisticated features

To buy a tailored suit you need to give your measurements. Not sure how to size yourself up? We developed an interactive guide for easy and precise data. Not got a tape measure at hand? No problem, you can get one sent to you direct from the website, along with a printed measurement guide for reference.

sophisticated features
responsive design

Optimising bespoke tailoring for mobile

Mobile users are less patient and more goal driven: people are five times more likely to abandon a site if it’s not optimised for mobile devices. Through research and prototyping we were able to deliver a consistent and intuitive experience for both tablet and mobile users.

highlife-tailored_slideshow-10 © Tom D Morgan

We’ve designed a full range of printed materials for the brand, including business stationery, postcards, flyers, magazine advertising and packaging. Our designs are optimised for print, making the brand cohesive and desirable.

Brand identity collateral

Contemporary business stationery

We designed a full range of printed stationery for the brand, including invoices, letterheads, and business cards. The designs are reductionist in style, but feature highlights of colour and branded details. The stationery is professional, but still shows the core character of the brand.

How we worked with the team

We use Slack for seamless dialogue with clients and developers

Marvel lets us prototype and refine, with contextual presentation

We use Adobe CC for designing and animating assets

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