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Building a brand for the anti-Bitcoin; a new stable cryptocurrency that's changing the way we think about crypto.

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Cryptocurrencies have been part of a recent gold rush. The success of Bitcoin has been matched by an explosion of over 1,000 alternative options. But they’re famously volatile, with values surging and plummeting daily — let alone tighter regulation and bans.

That’s where Augmint differs: it’s been designed from the outset to be truly stable, pegged to traditional fiat currencies like the Euro and US dollar. But unlike state run fiats, Augmint operates in an open and transparent way, free from government, institutions, or banks.

Augmint is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday spending without the fear of instability. We also benefit from blockchain security, and an innovative way to transfer money across borders without bank accounts. For business, Augmint offers low transactional costs, and international customers willing to spend (unlike other cryptocurrencies better suited for investment).

The rise of crypto and blockchain has given the world an appetite for a stable decentralised currency like Augmint, but also means it’s more crucial than ever to have a strong reputation: building trust and reducing anxieties at every stage. We partnered with Augmint to create a compelling brand identity for the whole community to get behind, along with thoughtful strategy and solid digital interface design.


A cryptocurrency like no other

Augmint’s value isn’t in speculation, it’s in stability. The visual identity is centred around a unique and memorable marque that represents the relationship between Augmint and a counterpart fiat. It’s a process, captured in a unified symbol.

The circular marque is highly positive, with a strong upward movement like a sunrise, representing the beginning of a new future. The striking silhouette stands out amongst other cryptocurrencies, making it ownable and memorable for Augmint.


Designed to be different

During an initial research sprint we looked at the credibility of existing cryptocurrencies on the market. This included auditing their product offering, use of language, and visual identities. We quickly realised that for Augmint to stand out from the crowd, we needed to approach the branding in a totally different way. Distancing itself from the naivety of other cryptos, Augmint’s elegant and refined visual language bolsters trust and helps build strong reputation.

Branded anonymity

Building a community

Augmint is closer to a movement, than a company. In early strategy discussions, we talked about a mission of community and decentralised action. In response, we created a system of social media avatars: each lets the individual remain anonymous, a core appeal of Augmint, but in a unique and cohesive way.

Future proof

A material world

Augmint is used day-to-day rather than invested. Part of getting the cryptocurrency in the hands of the public is continual innovation, be it the use of loans, exchanges, shops, or ATMs. The identity has been designed to offer the flexibility for a host of applications — now and in the future.

A turbulent environment

Augmint is launching at a time where virtual currencies are in the news everyday. Stories of fraud, bubbles, and the risk of regulation dominate the conversation. Part of the challenge faced when building a brand for Augmint was to stand above this: reducing anxiety, building trust, and raising reputation. In effect, it's the anti-Bitcoin.

A turbulent environment
Digital experience

Getting the message out there

We designed a responsive website for Augmint, giving the community, business, and media a single destination to learn about the movement. Along with designing a polished and elegant interface, we introduced strategies to be digestible and relatable for everyone. Light years away from most cryptos.

The same, only different

Standing out, but not alienating early adopters

In all communications, we balance the feeling of a professional and trustworthy operation built on sound economic foundations, with one that appeals to the geeky tech geniuses that’ll make Augmint a success. This unique personality and tone of voice is designed to feel positively futuristic yet accessible.

In the wild

A hard deadline

Augmint’s first public outing was the Blockchain Budapest event, where two of their founders were keynote speakers. Being part of an international conference of peers and early adopters, we prepared Augmint’s identity and digital presence to be ready in time.

behind the scenes
How we worked with the team

We use Slack for seamless dialogue with clients and developers

Marvel lets us prototype and refine, with contextual presentation

We design high fidelity UI in Sketch for fast, responsive, and accurate handover

Zeplin makes UI handover to development teams accurate and painless

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