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Brand identity, iOS app and responsive web design for a startup bringing privacy to shared memories.

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Privacy is crucial. And when you’re sharing intimate family moments, you need the confidence to know exactly who has access to them.

An app for the family. With MeFromTheStart all about sharing special memories, it’s important to create an accessible user experience.

White-label expansion. From the outset this project had expansion in mind: using MeFromTheStart as a catalyst for projects in a many sectors.

creating a warm identity for iOS

Part of the approach to the branding was to ensure the icon fitted an iOS aesthetic so it felt natural and part of your device. But equally, it’s designed to stand out with it’s warmth and friendly curves.

creating a warm identity for iOS
connecting people

Connecting friends and family is at the heart of the app, so screens like this let users manage their connections efficiently. Segmentation lets users understand relationships at a glance, and large user photos make the experience personable.

connecting people
Comfort in privacy

Knowing exactly who's viewing your content reduces anxiety

At every stage of using the app — from account creation to posting media – users are in control over who sees what. This not only makes using the app more enjoyable, but there is a higher rate of engagement: users will share more content and use the app more often when they know their content is secure.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is at the heart of the app, but not for the sake of it: by reducing the paradox of choice, users can share content on their own terms. This is crucial for older users less experienced with social media.

Keep it simple
information architecture

Giving users a clear user journey

We used fast, iterative prototyping to refine the user journey, making the app intuitive and accessible. The home-feed has become the core of the platform, giving users the latest content and a dashboard-like overview of the whole app. Navigation is simple, with content and screens always clearly labelled. It’s easy to orientate yourself, and see where to go next. Less frustration, less abandonment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 21.03.03
giving the user interface personality

The app and website is clear and minimal in style, but at the same time we didn’t want it to become clinical. Colour is a great tool, and it helped up give the user interface personality. It makes everyday interactions more memorable, and makes users feel more comfortable using the platform.

giving the user interface personality
cross platform

Optimising the user interface for iOS, Android and web

An app can’t look completely different for each type of device, but the user interface needs to be optimised to ensure it’s familiar. We designed MeFromTheStart within the context of each type of user and the devices they’re using. We tweaked the iconography and typography between iOS and Android so they feel natural on their respected devices. Users behave differently on small touch screens compared to a mouse on a laptop, so we redesigned navigation and the structure of each page for optimum usability.

Opening the platform for new ventures

From the outset, MeFromTheStart was a white-label app intended for expansion across many sectors. The reductionist UI and focussed user journey let us explore options like private and secure remote consultations direct with your doctor — real-time rich media recording and sharing.

Opening the platform for new ventures
How we worked with the team

Marvel lets us prototype and refine, with contextual presentation

We use Adobe CC for designing and animating assets

Flinto helps prototype animations and transitions for development

We're always looking for new challenges and experiences. Whether you're a tech startup, one man band or large established agency, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch →