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Intervention Architecture

Branding, responsive web design and printed collateral for an architecture practice based in Birmingham.

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    Branding, UI, UX, Development, Print
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    Intervention Architecture

Building a solid identity. We were commissioned to develop a powerful brand identity for this new architecture practice to launch.

Designing a compelling portfolio.  We developed a sophisticated platform for IA to showcase their expertise to media and clients.

Creating a professional collateral. We designed a full range of digital and printed deliverables, including business stationery and social assets.


Designing a powerful identity

As an exciting new practice, Intervention Architecture needed a strong identity to launch. After lots of creative experimentation, we refined lots of visual concepts into a succinct and powerful identity. More than just a logo, we developed a distinctive visual language with a holistic approach.


At the heart of the branding is IA’s monogram. By abstracting the two characters into a single form, we’ve captured the feeling of construction, design and architecture. The monogram is flexible enough to be used in isolation, or together with a logotype.

printed collateral

As part of the identity, we designed a full range of business stationery and other printed materials. The designs are succinct and reductionist in style, making full use of white space.

printed collateral
flexible content

Designing an engaging portfolio

We designed and developed a sophisticated portfolio website for Intervention Architecture, giving potential clients a real insight to their work. The portfolio follows the same minimalist aesthetic, putting photos and drawings front and centre. It’s easy to browse, and textual information is clear and accessible.

intervention-architecture-2 © Intervention Architecture
reducing bounce rate

Creating a continual browsing experience

To reduce friction, we built the site to take you to the next project seamlessly. Just keep scrolling. Research shows that if there’s more content, users will carry on. Having to find the navigation to view the next project and then click a couple of times is laborious, leading to abandonment. Our approach has been implemented in a very natural way, with the project name dynamically highlighted in the side navigation.

intervention-architecture-4 © Intervention Architecture
responsive design

From the start, we designed and built Intervention Architecture’s website responsively, with mobile and tablet browsing in mind. The simplicity and flexibility of the layouts and site structure makes accessing the content on smaller screens feel natural.

responsive design

With a simple website and minimal identity, details are crucial. It’s all part of building a quality, branded experience. In isolation, details like this aren’t noticeable. But put together, they help enhance the usability and build a solid platform for the portfolio’s content.

intervention-architecture-1 © Intervention Architecture
with social media in mind

When approaching a new brand identity, we always consider how it works across both print and digital outputs. Social media channels are increasingly important platforms for independent practitioners and brands to get discovered. Intervention Architecture’s monogram naturally lends itself to social media avatars — something that’s eye-catching and memorable, big or small.

with social media in mind
Architectural cuts and precision

Cutting the letterforms has become an important part of the brand identity. This visual language has been used across the logo and other branded assets, capturing the essence of architecture.

Architectural cuts and precision
intervention-architecture-5-bw © Intervention Architecture
How we worked with the team

We use Slack for seamless dialogue with clients and developers

Marvel lets us prototype and refine, with contextual presentation

We use Adobe CC for designing and animating assets

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