Studio Jubilee

We’re an independent design studio based in London, specialising in visual identity, design for print, and web design + development.

Tom D Morgan
Me From The Start
The Invention Works
High Life Tailored

Hopscotch (Identity, design + build)

Tom D Morgan (Identity, design + build) (Identity + web)

Me From The Start (Identity, design)

Besita (Design)

IA (Identity, design + build)

Pressto (in development)

Lexican (Identity, design + build)

The Invention Works (Identity)

Brace (Exhibition identity)

High Life Tailored (Identity, design + build)

It’s been too long since we updated our portfolio, but we’re currently in the finishing stage ready for the launch of our new website in 2015.

For enquiries, email us at: or call us on:
020 3638 3443. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.